App Development Course | Creative Video Production

We were really pleased to win a pitch to create a set of films to promote GSM London’s Professional University courses, essentially a ‘talking heads’ film with a bit of a twist! The App Development film was one of thirteen that we created to give lecturers the opportunity to talk about the benefits of their study programme. Placing the lecturer in the spotlight gave each of them a great platform to talk directly to new students and putting them into a virtual lecture theatre helped draw the audience in and allow us to control the look and feel consistently across all films. To bring the environment to life we added infographics, which really helped the film engage and emphasise key talking points. So, we’re not just about great execution, we love coming up with ideas that will help you stand out from your competitors too!

ClientGSM LondonServicesStrategy Proposal, Full Production, Graphics and AnimationYearAugust 2016