About Us

We are Substance and passionate about creating, developing and bringing to life your brand or company through creative, storytelling film content that your audiences will enjoy watching and sharing. Whether we're shooting a simple 'talking heads' piece or producing a TV commercial, we think the best content revolves around a great idea or story and delivering it in an engaging way, to help you stand out from your competitors.









Featured Film

Our university client challenged us to produce a film that would directly target 35 - 45 year olds who are now thinking about doing a degree. The message needed to reach out to potential students who might not have applied themselves at school, who put family before education, those with little confidence in their ability to get a degree and people who may have simply come to a crossroads in their current career and want to make a change. The client's students come from a range of ethnic and social backgrounds and so we felt that the art of 'Spoken Word' poetry was a perfect way to get the messages across. We commissioned Mr Gee, well respected in poetry circles and known for his work in education, to write a positive, uplifting poem with words of encouragement to help convince those with doubts that a degree with GSM London is a real possibility.


Ideas & Creative Strategy

One of our favourite parts of the process! We love coming up with ideas for your film and whatever we present to you, you can bet your bottom dollar it will have a strong creative execution at the heart it.

Pre Production

A lot of work goes into setting up the production and we can happily organise casting, locations, permits, crew, kit and catering for the shoot.


This is the fun bit! We employ the best people to make your film happen, picking out particular talents and experience best suited to your brief. We have close and established relationships with a range of industry professionals.

Post Production

Before we've even shot the first scene, we will have already thought through the style of editing, music, graphics and grade in detail, as this will often dictate the way we capture your story. We will involve you through all the stages of post production to ensure you're happy with progress before final delivery.


We also offer photography and have been shooting stills for a range of clients and briefs over the years. We are happy to discuss this separately or it can also be part of a film shoot.

Part of the Team

We're incredibly focused on building close working relationships with our clients. Lots of companies say this but we really do want to be an extension of your team, to better understand your brand and culture so work the work becomes easier for you.



131 High Street
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Tel: 0208 406 3602

Give us a shout

If you want to chat about a film then give us a shout, our production manager Fi is just on the other end of an email, ready to get the ball rolling.