We are Substance, a creative promotional video and commercials production company based in London. We produce commercial, corporate and promotional content for organisations, brands and agencies, ranging from TV and cinema advertising to events and documentaries. We passionately manage the whole production process and are dedicated to bringing to life your brand or company through creative, storytelling video content that your audiences will enjoy watching and sharing. The content we create will always revolve around a great hook, idea or story. We'll make sure your video or commercial works seamlessly with your wider campaign and deliver it in an engaging way, with integrity and substance, to help you stand out from your competitors.


Substance is a great TV advertising production partner for agencies and brands, combining marketing experience with a network of the most passionate creatives and film makers. We can manage the whole pre and post production process, including Clearcast advertising content approval and TV channel delivery. Whatever the budget or timeframes, whether live action, animation or both, please get in touch to see how we can help make it a seamless, collaborative and enjoyable creative process.


Ideas & Creative Strategy

Being a creative production company in London, inventing ideas is one of our favourite parts of the production process. Whilst we are happy to produce a specific idea that you have, but we can also help you develop the creative strategy and idea in the first place. So please feel free to challenge us to come up with a strong creative execution for you.

Pre Production

Planning and process is an important part of any pre-production phase, whatever the size of project. We are a video production company that takes a very well organised approach and, using our experience and contacts, we're pretty efficient at organising actors, casting sessions, locations, permits and building the perfect crew to meet the needs of your project.


This is the fun bit! We employ the best, most passionate, creative video production people to make your film happen. We source crew from a network of talent that we have developed over the years, commissioning individuals with particular skills and experience best suited to a particular brief.

Post Production

Before we've even shot the first scene, we will have already thought through the style of editing, music, graphics and grade in detail, as this should dictate the way we capture your story and is integral to creative video production. We will involve you through all the stages of post production to ensure you're happy with the editing progress at each stage before final delivery.


We support the work we do as a creative video production company with commercial and editorial photography, and have experience shooting stills for a range of companies and agencies over the years. Whether you want to commission a photography shoot separately or combine it with any TV advertisement production or corporate video production, we would be happy to discuss options. Feel free to visit www.substancephotography.co.uk to view recent work.

Part of the Team

As a video production company in London we're incredibly focused on building close working relationships with our clients near or far. We appreciate that lots of companies say this but we really do want to be an extension of your team, to better understand your brand and culture so the process becomes easier and more familiar for us both. We believe the best work comes from knowing and understanding the people involved.

Creative Video Production in London, UK and Internationally.

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If you want to chat about a film then give us a shout, our video production manager Fi is just on the other end of the phone or email, ready to get the ball rolling.